Stay Safe and Stay Legal: What You Need to Know About Medical Cannabis

Medical marijuana products are fully legal in the state of Illinois and are available for those with a medical marijuana card to purchase legally. If you’re new to using cannabis as a health-boosting tool of healing, here’s what you need to know about marijuana in Illinois.

Getting Legal Permission

Professional physicians can provide medical marijuana cards to Illinois state residents who are over the age of 18 and who suffer from an ailment that can be treated with the help of cannabis. Once you have your medical marijuana card from a physician, you can shop at any of the legal medical marijuana dispensaries in Will County.

Qualifying Ailments

The cannabis plant can be used to relieve symptoms and improve the quality of life for literally hundreds of different ailments, but the state of Illinois places a limit on how the plant is to be used. Only certain patients will qualify, and physicians are required to adhere to the law. While the laws continue to change and evolve, Illinois currently recognizes a few diseases as treatable with legal medical marijuana.

If you suffer from glaucoma, cancer, or HIV, you know that cannabis can be a lifesaver, and the state of Illinois, thankfully, agrees. Patients with ALS, Chrohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and those who have a spinal cord disease and/or spinal cord injuries can also qualify for a medical card in the state of Illinois. Some of the less common ailments that the state also recognizes include Parkinson’s disease, severe fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy, PTSD, and lupus.

Growth and Change

The options remain very limited for legal medical marijuana dispensaries in Will County, but these are growing and expanding every day. The industry and environment continue to grow and change nationwide, so stay informed and make sure you remain safe and legal.

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