The Benefits and Reasons to Consider Egg Freezing in San Francisco, CA

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Healthcare

It can be incredibly stressful for women who are not yet ready to have a baby and are concerned about the possibility of decreased egg reserve when they are actually ready to start a family. Over the years, there have been many discussions, reports, and discoveries concerning infertility issues that women experience as they age. So it is certainly understandable that many women will be quite apprehensive about decreased egg reserve when the time is right. However, many women have decided to utilize the successful and effective process of egg freezing in San Francisco, CA. Many years ago, women did not have the possibility of this incredibly beneficial procedure. As women reach their late 30s, they experience a significant decrease in their ability to produce quality eggs. This means that they will not only have difficulty or become unable to conceive on their own, but IVF may also not be a viable option if they do not have enough quality eggs.

Anyone interested in this highly effective program should be aware of the benefits, process, and other essential details of the procedure. First, it is imperative to understand that ovarian reserve is an incredibly vital element for women to consider as they age. Women in their early 20s have the best and highest pregnancy probability rate, which is about 25% each cycle. Once they reach their 30s, the rate drops to 15% and then 5% for those in their early 40s. The quality of eggs that women have will decline over time significantly diminishing their number of quality eggs. That is why Egg Freezing in San Francisco, CA is so beneficial for women who want to ensure that when the time is right, they will have quality eggs available for fertilization.

Initially, women will undergo essential testing and evaluation. They will then receive injections to help them to produce mature eggs for the retrieval process. This is necessary to help women to produce a higher number of mature eggs rather than just the one they typically produce each cycle. Once the eggs are retrieved, they are then frozen until the client decides they are ready to become pregnant. They will at that point, become fertilized, evolving into embryos and will be transferred into the uterine lining for implantation. This is an incredibly beneficial procedure that has offered much success to many women. Contact Laurel Fertility Care to learn more about us.

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