A Podiatrist Bonita Springs FL Provides Foot and Ankle Care

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Health

Foot pain should not be ignored. If you are experiencing any type of problem with your feet or ankles, you should seek professional help. There are Foot & Ankle Specialists of Bonita Springs, FL available that can provide you with relief from bunions, sprains, calluses/corns, ingrown toenails, athletes foot and several other health issues. You do not have to learn to deal with the pain and can receive the care you need to live a happy, healthy life.

Kelly Malinoski, DPM is used to treating sprains as they are a common ankle injury. It is easy to twist your ankle and it can be quite painful. Most sprains just require rest and applying ice to the injured area. However, some sprains can be serious and surgery may be needed. This is the reason why you should contact a Podiatrist when you stretch or tear a ligament around your ankle. If you do not get the right medical attention, the injury could become more severe.

Bunions, calluses and corns cause discomfort as well and can be treated by a Foot And Ankle Center in Bonita Springs FL. Never try to take off the dead skin on your own with home instruments. Removing calluses and corns yourself could result in an infection. Ingrown toenails and athletes foot are also well known foot problems and can also be treated by a specialist. If they are not severe cases, over the counter medication may work. A professional will let you know the best methods.

If you are Diabetic, you need to take special care of your feet and should visit a foot specialist to help with any foot related problem. Since diabetes decreases your body’s ability to fight off infections, you cannot risk a foot infection. You need to avoid any prolong damages as other parts of your body can be negatively effected if you get a foot infection.

You can prevent some foot injuries by wearing comfortable shoes and being aware of your surroundings. Try to avoid running on concrete and watch where you step. Your feet are your foundation and they take you where you need to go. You should not take for granted the importance of healthy feet and you need to take cafe of them like you do other parts of your body. Keep in mind that there are preventable foot care measures you can take and specialists that can help you when you have any foot or ankle pain.

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