Month: October 2014

How You Can Quit Smoking in 7 Days

Smoking is a fairly common habit among people today. Although the activity has been around for a long time, encouragement for smoking cessation has only gone stronger in the past few years. The reason is because more and more tobacco users are experiencing negative...

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Don’t Get Trapped in Chemical Dependency

Alcoholism and drug addiction are some of the most devastating vices found in our society today.  Marriages are ruined, lives are destroyed, children grow up permanently scarred because of chemical dependency. Not everyone who drinks alcohol will become an alcoholic,...

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The Gummy Bear Breasts Q & A

How often do you overhear a conversation and walk away more confused than you were before the conversation began? Probably more often than not if you’re like many people. It’s not that you were eavesdropping or being especially nosey but perhaps the conversation was...

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