Combating Podiatric Diabetes Complications in Bohemia, New York

Diabetes Complications in Bohemia NY can be serious. If you are a diabetic, it is recommended that you see a podiatrist at least once a year and any time you have a sore or ulcer on your foot. Diabetics are at great risk for complications up to and including amputation if things are left to fester. A podiatrist can look at your foot, diagnose any problems and prescribe antibiotics or other medications to help heal your feet. It is difficult for a diabetic to have a foot wound heal on its own. Having a podiatrist who knows you and knows your previous and current foot problems is essential for basic health.

On your first visit to a podiatrist, he or she may x-ray your feet to make sure that the bones are in correct alignment. He or she will examine the outside of your feet for sores or ulcers. Salves and creams may be prescribed as well as oral antibiotics for any foot problems he or she finds from Diabetes Complications in Bohemia NY. Fungal infections are also common in diabetics. A good fungal cream will be prescribed to take care of fungal infections and make them less likely to reappear.

Your podiatrist may also recommend monthly pedicures to look for potential problems in between visits. A good pedicure will take off dead skin and soothe the foot and ankle making it less likely to become a serious problem in the future. A pedicure is soothing for both the mind and the body. Plus, if you want, you get pretty painted piggies as an added benefit! Pedicures can prevent Diabetes Complications in Bohemia NY.

Taking good care of your feet is essential if you are a diabetic. Diabetics are prone to Diabetes Complications in Bohemia NY and need to maintain a good relationship with a podiatrist to combat these issues. No one wants an amputated foot. Going to a podiatrist regularly severely decreases the possibility of losing a foot to diabetes. It also helps maintain good foot health which is important to everyone – not just diabetics. Finding a reputable podiatrist is essential for diabetics.

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