Common Criteria to Meet Before Being Selected to Go Through the IVF Process

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Healthcare

In-vitro fertilization is now a common reproductive medical treatment in the U.S. Millions of people undergo it in order to conceive and have babies of their own.

However, when you are considering if this treatment could be right for you, you need to understand the criteria that you will be required to meet before you can become a patient of an IVF clinic in Orlando. These qualifications ensure that you can best tolerate IVF and carry a pregnancy successfully.

Healthy Body Weight

Before your reproductive doctor will approve you for treatment at an IVF clinic in Orlando, you could be required to lose weight first. If you are overweight, you will be instructed to lose as much weight as possible to come as close to your ideal body dimensions.

Women who are too heavy have a greater chance of miscarriage. They also are at a greater risk of not having the implanted embryos take hold in their uterus. By losing weight, you better your chances of being a successful IVF patient and bringing a healthy pregnancy to completion.

No Smoking or Illicit Drug Use

Your IVF doctor will also screen you to determine if you smoke or use illicit drugs. These substances increase the chances of you having a miscarriage. They also can deteriorate the condition of your uterus and make it inhospitable to implanted embryos.

If you drink, smoke, or use illicit substances like cocaine or heroin, your doctor will advise you to stop these habits immediately. He or she will then tell you to allow your body to detoxify itself so that you are healthier and more able to tolerate the procedure.

These qualifications are a few that are required of IVF patients. They minimize the risk of pregnancy loss. They also make your body healthier and more conducive to embryo implantation.

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