Does Your Pet Need to Visit An Emergency Vet in County Durham for Digestive Problems?

There are a few things you will need to do as a pet owner in order to keep your companion happy and healthy. It’s not just regular walks, treats and affection that will ensure a long life but also, frequent visits to the vet. An emergency vet in County Durham will work around the clock to deal with a broad range of pet health problems. Digestive problems are quite common among dogs and cats, therefore it’s a good idea to make yourself aware of the warning signs so that should there be an underlying condition, help can be called just in time.

Dietary Indiscretion

Has your pet eaten something he or she shouldn’t have? It’s hard to keep a close eye on your fluffy companion all of the time, especially when the animal roams the grounds around your property. Dogs, cats and other pets are usually very curious, which can lead to mischievousness. Should the animal have consumed garbage or something else that is difficult to digest, an x-ray may be necessary. Following an x-ray, the emergency vet in County Durham will decide what option is best for avoiding digestive disturbances.

Bacteria and Parasites

E.Coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter and Clostridia are four examples of bacterial problems that can be spread from an animal to a human. Food poisoning is another cause of bacteria and parasites, which can target the digestive system unless an emergency vet in Durham examines the animal for problems. Vomiting is a sign of a serious issue and you can reduce the chances of an issue getting worse if you book an appointment when a disturbance is first noticed.


Two of the most common viruses among dogs include coronavirus and parvovirus. When an infected dog’s faeces comes into contact with another dog, these viruses will start attacking the animal’s immune system. Another virus is canine distemper, which tends to be transmitted through the urine of an infected dog. Aside from these health complications, an emergency vet in County Durham can treat highly contagious intestinal diseases, such as a canine coronavirus infection (CCV). Remember that the food you give your pet will affect his or her chances of dealing with intestine and digestive disorders.

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