How You Can Quit Smoking in 7 Days

Smoking is a fairly common habit among people today. Although the activity has been around for a long time, encouragement for smoking cessation has only gone stronger in the past few years. The reason is because more and more tobacco users are experiencing negative effects from nicotine addiction which is outweighing the so-called delights of smoking.

In short, there’s nothing glamourous about tobacco use. Sporadic desires to smoke can easily transform into an addiction that spirals out of control if not careful. It’s best not to engage in the act at all to be on the safe side. However, if you’ve become addicted, there’s hope when it comes to stopping. Learning how to quit smoking in 7 days is challenging, but it’s possible and it’s a rewarding step that should be taken to get the most out of life.

Why People Smoke

• Pleasure

Many people smoke because it simply makes them feel good. There’s a high involved that makes nicotine addiction desirable to the senses and causes a relaxation that other outlets may not necessarily provide.

• Coping Mechanism

Stress and the daily pressures of life can build up. Some smokers find it easier to cope with anxieties or problems by using tobacco. Financial woes and personal concerns might play a leading role in why nicotine addiction is prevalent. Although the getaway is fleeting, the dependency takes smokers out of their trying situations for a while and provides the illusion of overcoming struggle.

• Social Acceptance

Don’t be fooled into thinking that peer pressure is only an issue that adolescents face on a regular basis. Unfortunately, adults get swayed by the same dilemma. Certain environments or people that you hang around can make be conducive to tobacco use. If you’re committed to quit smoking in 7 days, it might be necessary to change the social settings that you frequent in order to stick to the plan.

• Stimulation

Boredom is another cause for nicotine addiction. If you don’t have enough things to do or if the activities that you engage in aren’t mentally or physically gratifying, it can be easier to fall victim to tobacco use and become a heavy smoker. Finding healthier alternatives to stimulate the mind and body is the best way to fight nicotine dependency.

• Weight Control

Others purposefully smoke cigarettes to keep their weight down. Those with a low metabolism may find it beneficial to engage in tobacco use rather than attempting to burn off calories from their favorite dish.

• Genetics

Lastly, several studies indicate that nicotine addiction is possibly hereditary. As with drinking, if there’s smoking in your family history, you may be more susceptible to nicotine addiction.

Being cognizant of the fact that you need to curb tobacco altogether is the first step to successful recovery. Implementing a thorough and realistic plan with the help of a qualified professional can help you quit smoking in 7 days and focus on what matters most: your health and peace of mind.

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