Improve Communication and Reduce Errors in Surgical Centers

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Health & Fitness

The medical field is constantly advancing. New technology is being used to provide better patient care and help medical professionals do their job in a more efficient way. A good example of how advancements in the medical field have benefited doctors and patients is a surgical time out checklist. Here are a couple of ways that checklists are improving outcomes in surgery rooms.

Minor errors may not seem like the biggest deal. However, they can have a multiplicative effect. It is important for everyone who is involved in a surgery to reduce minor problems and interruptions. Minor problems and interruptions can impact the health of the patient and the performance of the surgical team. In addition to proper training, checklists can be used to make sure everyone understands what needs to be done and that no necessary steps are skipped.

Communication errors are often behind adverse events in surgery rooms and medical settings as a whole. When information does not reach the right person or if the information is inaccurate, this can lead to serious consequences. The importance of a surgical time out checklist and other checklists is seen when you consider the situation in the operating theater. Without communication and a list to follow, there will be poor morale, delays, and frustration. Equipment may be wasted, resources may not be efficiently used, and mistakes can be made.

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