Live in Florida & Need a Boost in Testosterone? Try Bioidentical Hormones

by | Apr 24, 2024 | Medical Center

Men, after a certain age, experience a drop in testosterone. While you could stand by and accept this, you may feel tired, sluggish, and not yourself if you do. You can change that if you live in Florida and see a specialist that provides bioidentical testosterone injections in Tampa, FL. Bioidentical testosterone is your own testosterone, but better.

What Is Bioidentical Testosterone?

Samples of your blood are used to extract samples of your own testosterone. Then the natural testosterone is used to manufacture more of your testosterone. The volume of the hormone produced is then used to treat your low testosterone levels. Your body doesn’t reject these injections or react with negative side effects because it recognizes the hormone as your own.

Why Injections?

Anything injected into the bloodstream is absorbed faster and produces faster results. With bioidentical testosterone injections in Tampa, FL, your hormones go directly back into your bloodstream. They circle around and make you feel a lot more energetic and happier within minutes instead of hours or days.

The injections are also controlled and monitored so that this means of giving you back some of what makes you feel more manly isn’t abused or overused. You will be monitored closely by a medical professional.

The injections are given weekly but may be given more often if your medical professional approves and you can get enough of your own natural hormone extracted. If you would like to know more, or start the bioidentical injections, contact Premier Image: Medical Aesthetics.

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