Popular Relaxing Massage Options to Reduce Stress

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Health & Fitness

If you are living with stress in your life you may feel you are unable to cope. This can be very distressing and finding ways to help you relax can prove to be a challenge. However there are many types of massage options available that will help reduce stress and provide some quiet time to unwind and reconnect with yourself even if it is just once a week. Here are some of the most popular relaxation massage techniques you can schedule.

* Aromatherapy: Many people love the combination of soothing touch combined with stimulation of the olfactory system with essential oils. Aromatherapy uses an assortment of fragrances designed for different results from soothing and calming to invigorating and recharging. They can be diffused using candles or oils or more commonly added to massage oils for a completely soothing experience.

* Lymph Drainage Massage: This might sound a little unpleasant however many people who are under stress tend to suffer from chronic pain as well. This type of massage affects the lymphatic system and is not only relaxing but will also help remove excess water which can be putting pressure on joints. It also improves your immune system and restores connective tissues while removing unwanted toxins from your body.

* Stone: Hot stone massage is very comforting and uses warm stones placed along the body to assist blood vessels in their natural flow. Some systems use first hot stones followed by cold stones to reduce possible inflammation whereas others just use hot stones. This is then combined with a form of other massage such as Swedish massage.

* Ashiatsu: This is an ancient and very common massage and allows you to enjoy foot massage in hand with long and soothing strokes to the body that will release endorphins and relax the muscles while stimulating circulation.

* Swedish Massage: This is the most well known form of massage and it is very comforting using various techniques such as kneading, rolling and percussive tapping. It is an excellent way to relieve stress but has the added benefit of improving circulation and removing toxins.

* Neck and Shoulder Massage: You can feel that tension building up in your neck and shoulders as your day progresses. A relaxing neck and shoulder massage focuses on the common areas where muscles become tense and that can lead to pain as well as headaches.

Relaxing massage is the perfect way to give yourself a break once a week where you can let go of your stress and concentrate on simple pleasure in a totally stress free environment at Avidayspa.


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