Private Home Care Newnan GA Provides a Peaceful Way to Go

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Home Health Care Service

When the end of life is near, many terminally ill patients request to be in their own home rather than spending their remaining days in a nursing home or a hospital. Being surrounded by family and friends in familiar surroundings can help to bring about peace and contentment during a very difficult time. For those individuals who wish to spend their final days at home, Private Home Care Newnan GA can help to make the remaining days memorable ones while keeping the patient as comfortable as possible at the same time.

Hospice Care

When a terminally ill patient has reached the final days of life, Sacred Journey Hospice can lend a hand by providing quality end of life care. The focus of Private Home Care Newnan GA is to help a patient to spend their remaining time with as much normalcy as possible, rather than focusing on the death that will come at some point. When a patient chooses hospice at home, all emphasis is placed on the patient being at peace and feeling comfortable in the home setting that means so much to them.

Hospice at Home

Hospice can take place in a unit designed for hospice care, a nursing home, or an assisted living center. However, many individuals wish to spend their remaining time in their own home. When the home option is selected, a physician will determine how much nursing care needs to be provided for the patient. Nursing care may only be necessary for a few hours each day or around the clock, depending on a patient’s particular health issues.


When considering hospice at home, it’s important to choose a service that provides appropriate medical care to keep the patient comfortable during their remaining time. However, the patient shouldn’t necessarily be confined to bed unless that is the only option. Pain management, symptom support, and spiritual care for the patient and family members should all be included in the hospice environment, with the main focus being on making the patient comfortable, not curing them.

Hospice at home can make the last days of a person’s life meaningful while providing them with a graceful way to leave this world. At home, care can be comforting for the patient while helping to provide closure for all parties involved. For more info regarding hospice care, please visit online. Call Sacred Journey Hospice today for more information.

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