Specialists at Mohs Surgery in St Paul MN Provide Highly Effective, Low-Impact Skin Cancer Treatment

by | Sep 24, 2014 | Skin Care

If not caught quickly enough, skin cancers of various kinds can be among the deadliest of all. Fortunately, greater awareness of the dangers of this kind of disease has meant that they are now discovered far earlier, on average, than they once were, with early treatment rates of several types having risen by over fifty percent over the course of the last two decades. Despite their being, as a family, the most common kind of cancer of all, then, these cancers are less and less a threat to the lives of people around the world.

Although early detection has been a major contributor to the reduction in mortality rates associated with such cancers, improved surgical techniques have been nearly as important. Specialists at Mohs Surgery in St Paul MN, for example, are responsible for providing safe, highly effective removal of skin cancers with success rates that often exceed 97%, a record that would have been unthinkable as recently as the 1990s.

This style of skin cancer surgery is so effective in large part because it allows the surgeon to make use of the expertise of an attending pathologist during the surgery itself. Most cancer surgeries involve a surgeon extricating a previously identified tumor, a process that is often the only practical sort when internal cancers must be dealt with.

In the case of Mohs Surgery specialists in St Paul MN, however, the surgeon removes pieces of the affected area one by one, passing each to a pathologist for analysis. As the pathologist identifies whether or not the tissue sample includes cancerous cells, the Academic Dermatology surgeon will adjust the further course of surgery. This back-and-forth allows surgeons to work with a high degree of likelihood of removing all of the cancerous material and to do so without causing unnecessary harm to healthy areas of the skin.

In addition to being extremely effective, surgery of this kind is also very accessible. Procedures of this sort may often be arranged at the same clinics that provide skin rejuvenation and similar services, and it tends to involve relatively little in the way of recovery time, another important benefit for those who rely on it.


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