Utah County Memory Care Communities Ease Anxiety for Residents

by | Dec 21, 2021 | Assisted Living

Senior living facilities in Utah County that focus on memory care offer several advantages to families worried about an elderly disabled loved one. One of these advantages is reducing anxiety for both the disabled individual and those who care deeply about this person.

Discreet Supervision

A person with a certain level of dementia may have become confused and frustrated residing alone at home. The family worries that their loved one will do something unsafe in the home or get lost outside. These concerns are minimized when the man or woman moves to one of the high-quality senior living facilities in Utah County. Discreet and respectful supervision is a feature of memory care in assisted living. If a resident cannot find the way back to his or her room, a staff member provides guidance.

Socializing Opportunities

This individual might have avoided socializing before moving into the community. There could have been fears about an inability to remember people or information. The person may have realized that competence with housekeeping and personal hygiene had deteriorated.

Now, in this assisted living center, these worries are drastically reduced. Nurse aides help with personal hygiene as needed, and the housekeeping staff keeps rooms and apartments tidy. A new resident’s memory actually might improve to a certain extent once the stress level is reduced. Regular socialization also is a cognitive stimulant, creating a significantly healthier mental and emotional environment compared with isolation.

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