Ways to Monetize Your Natural Hair Business

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Health

As more women begin to embrace their natural curl patterns and textures, many of them are discovering new ways to make their hair grow. If you’ve done your research and are well-versed in taking care of naturally curly hair, it’s a great idea to build a platform surrounding that knowledge. As you gain more followers and build a loyal tribe, you can then monetize that platform to make a lot of money. Consider ways you can offer products and services that will help your followers while adding money to your bank account.

Develop an Online Course

Depending on the texture of the strands, you’ll want to develop a specific regimen that’s conducive to growth. With a lot of people, it’s a lot easier to show and tell. You can record video tutorials that show women how to do their own protective styles, finger detangle, and deep condition the hair properly. Combine all of the videos into an online course format. You can sell access to the course through a membership site. This offers recurring revenue. You can also decide to include affiliate links at the bottom of each video. As women finish the video, click the links and check out the products they can potentially buy, you can potentially earn an extra commission.

Sell Hair Products

You can also choose to sell products that will help with hair growth. You can opt to create your own detangling solution or hair oil that provides relief to a dry scalp. Consider the holistic approach of growing hair from the inside out by creating your own hair vitamin. Run thorough tests to create your own private label liquid vitamins. Use yourself and a few others as your guinea pigs to make sure the vitamins actually work.

As you implement these strategies, you can create some strong income streams for your business. Visit the website to see how we can help you begin your business in the vitamin industry.

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