What all Patients should know About Dental Implants

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Dentist

The Dental Implants St. Augustine FL patients receive offer a permanent solution for teeth replacement that provides a natural look and fit that cannot be beat. Here are the facts you should know if you are considering implants.

Oral Health and Missing Teeth

Many people do not realize that missing teeth can have a very negative affect on their jaw bone. When your teeth are intact they provide much needed stimulation required to replenish bone cells. If you have dentures or even bridges they may be able to look aesthetically pleasing but will not work the same way as your natural teeth. With implants you will continue to provide the stimulation required to produce bone cells and you will not see the shrinking that can cause health issues as well as affect the look of your face and the way you chew.

Completely Permanent

Implants are the only completely permanent solution to replace missing teeth. With dentures you will require replacement on average of every five years as the shape of your mouth changes due to bone loss as well as potential shrinkage in the dentures themselves. Many people hesitate to consider dental implants due to the cost, yet when compared to having to replace your dentures every three to five years for the rest of your life the cost is really not that bad. This is especially true when weighed against the quality of your new teeth.

Natural Comfort and Health

Here are the added benefits of the natural fit of dental implants:
•  They will not make it difficult to eat so you will enjoy a healthier diet compared to 30 percent of patients with dentures who are unable to eat healthy foods
•  Half of those who wear partials have to remove them to eat
•  Implants have a very comfortable bite that allows you to eat anything, any where
•  Partial dentures can damage neighboring teeth due to the way they are installed
•  Almost half of partial patients suffer from tooth damage and decay
•  Dental implants maintain jaw bone, oral and dental health
•  Dental implants are cared for like natural teeth

As you can see Dental Implants Provide The Perfect Solution to keep you healthier and improve your quality of life.

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