A Reliable Drug Testing Clinic

Every year, millions of drug tests are done to provide comprehensive laboratory-based results for the drugs contained in the body of a person. A drug testing clinic is charged with the responsibility of providing accurate and reliable drug analysis in one’s body. There are a number of reasons for carrying out these tests. First, a prospective employer might require that the tests be done before one is considered or readmitted to a job.

Other employers carryout randomized drug screening to determine the safety of the workstation for all the workers. Where one is reasonably suspected to be abusing drugs, he or she will also be subjected to the tests. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) employees are tested for drugs use due to the nature of their work.

A professional drug testing clinic needs to have a highly confidential system that minimizes the interpretation of the results from unauthorized persons. This makes it impossible for falsification of the results. Laboratory confirmation is also used to verify test results that are suspected to have been interfered with. escreen urine drug tests are carried out and results obtained within one day.

In this case, urine is used as the main testing material, thus enabling employees to be hired and others readmitted to work in one day after an injury or accident. In case escreen does not verify the results, the sample is sent to the lab for confirmation and the results are ready in 24 to 48 hours. When the results that are derived are positive, they are reviewed again by experts to be sure of the findings. Legitimate and systematic procedures are followed during the review process.

The main adulterants tested for are nitrates, creatin and pH. Nitrates are screened for to make sure that there are no foreign substances in the urine. Creatin screening verifies whether or not the specimen has been diluted. The pH ensures that the specimen submitted to the drug testing clinic is actually urine. Midwest Express Clinic provides accurate and analytical drug testing services in the Willowbrook IL and Schererville IN areas. They are staffed with highly trained technicians, doctors and other medical specialists. They also provide efficient, immediate, and urgent care services in their areas of operation.




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