Are Dentures a Perfect Fit for You?

Dentures are perfect for those people looking to replace missing teeth. In today’s society, dentures are one of the lower-priced procedures available. They are taken out of the mouth for daily cleaning. The dentist, in collaboration with the dental technician, will design your new smile. It requires several visits including X-rays, design, framework and adaptation.

There are several types of dentures:
1. Partial denture / partial prosthesis
2. Immediate dentures
3. Overdentures

Partial denture / partial prosthesis

This replaces the parts of the tooth row and attaches itself to remaining teeth with a metal framework. The prosthesis covers only part of the jaw ridge and the palate. The prosthesis does not affect taste significantly. It is made in combination with bridges to rebuild tooth rows that have a reduced number of teeth.

Immediate dentures

This is a transitional prosthesis that is used when residual dentition cannot be saved, and the teeth must be pulled. It is made in advance before the teeth are removed and inserted immediately afterwards. This means you do not have to go without teeth for weeks as they did in the “old days”. There are cases where the prosthesis will sit poorly, and must either be replaced by a new denture. This means that the patient must then go a day without the prosthesis while they are reworked. Tightening can also be done on old dentures to get them to sit more securely.

Over dentures

For patients who have one or more good roots, this type of prosthesis is perfect. It looks like, and is made like a full denture. This helps to preserve the jaw ridge and help to secure the prosthesis. The roots can possibly be drawn for each prosthesis without losing function. Often, such a solution is good when transitioning over to full dentures. These can also be made in combination with implants.

Dentures are made for a toothless jaw, in most cases. The prosthesis is stuck in the muscles holding it in place. The upper jaw is also a kind of vacuum that keep dentures in place. If they are loose and slide back and forth, it can destroy the jaw ridge quickly. It should be remembered that complete dentures provide patients with a decreased taste sensation. Get is touch with us for more INFO!




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