Common Myths About Going To A Newark, DE, Rehabilitation Center

There are so many myths about drug and alcohol rehab centers and the effectiveness of recovery treatment options that it can be confusing for both the addicts and the families to choose a program.

As with all types of treatment options, the best thing that anyone can do is to complete their research using reputable, accurate, and informed sources. Talking to professionals at a rehabilitation center is one of the best ways to ask specific questions. Some of the top treatment facilities, such as Pace Inc, provide a wealth of information on their websites to help dispell these common myths.

For those with loved ones in the Newark, DE, area who hesitant about going into a rehabilitation center, here are three common myths and the correct information to clear up these misconceptions.

Myth: Patients are all treated the same.

There are some drug and alcohol treatment programs that are designed to provide more of a uniform treatment approach to those entering the program. However, there are also those programs that are designed to be personalized from diagnosis and treatment plan development through to support and counseling for the individual. Reviewing the information by the provider makes it clear if the program is tailored to each client or if it is more generic in nature.

Myth: I will have to give up my job to go to rehab.

Inpatient treatment centers typically require the individual to stay on the premises for the duration of their treatment. This is only one option in addiction recovery rehab.

Other options include intensive partial hospital programs or outpatient programs, both of which allow for the individual to continue to work and to even live at home during treatment.

Myth: Outpatient treatment is not effective.

Outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol recovery is very effective. The treatment facility will be able to provide specific information on their programs and how they have had a positive impact on those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

At Pace Inc, our rehabilitation center in Newark, DE, offers outpatient and partial hospital programs to meet the need of our clients. For more information on any aspects of our treatment, see us online at website

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