Rehab Centers for Treating Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Widespread substance abuse in our communities has increased dramatically and new research indicates that this problem exists on a global level. Despite the concerted effort and government money spent, there are still thousands of lives needlessly claimed to drug abuse, not to mention loss of property and increase of mental health and correctional facilities. America’s anti-drug efforts continue to misdirect money toward decreasing the supply of illegal drugs rather than rehabilitating addicts and funding community prevention efforts.

There are drug rehabilitation facilities and other self-help organizations that assist addicts, their families and the community in combating this detrimental and debilitating disease. Rehabilitation centers, drug addiction treatment facilities, as well as anti-drug community action organizations are crucial in helping addicts resume normal and balanced lives.

The turning point for anyone seeking to become free from a substance abuse problem is the choice to redefine their lives and commit to living drug and alcohol free. An addict who is not ready to get clean will not benefit from even the best rehab program. It is only with the addict’s commitment to the process that counselors and therapists can help him or her build a new, drug free life.
Choosing the right rehabilitation center for treatment is imperative. Addictions and the addicts that suffer with them are all unique, and a program that specializes in treating a patient’s specific addiction is ideal.

The first thing to take in to account the substance that is being abused. Typically they fall under:

  • Alcohol

  • Illegal Street Drugs

  • Prescription Drugs

Alcohol addiction is one of the more common addictions treated at rehab centers. Rehabilitation facilities with comprehensive medical services can effectively deal with every aspect of substance abuse treatment, from detox and withdrawal to counseling and aftercare. Individual treatment plans are designed for each patient and address their specific requirements with respect to the focus of treatment and the types of therapy used.

Abuse of illegal drugs is arguably the most detrimental form of substance abuse. Addictions to these drugs claim the lives of 50,000 people each year in the U.S. alone. The FDA also registers 300,000 chronic cases each year. Harsh street drugs like crystal meth and cocaine are a growing problem, and recovery from them is more difficult and comes with more extreme withdrawal symptoms than alcohol.
Prescription drugs are also a significant problem, with medications like pain killers and anti-anxiety drugs most commonly leading to addiction. When abused they can be as lethal as street drugs and require long treatment periods under medical supervision to ‘kick’.

Rehab centers use a multi-faceted approach to recovery, and try to give individual patients what they need to facilitate progress. Aspects of treatment may include faith-based counseling, medical intervention, or self-help models. The programs are very well designed and have helped hundreds of thousands of addicts recover from their illnesses. Contact today for more information.

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