Helpful Tips for those Living with a Recovering Alcoholic or Drug Addict

by | Sep 25, 2014 | Health

Living with someone who is suffering from a drug or alcohol abuse problem can be difficult. While you know it is essential they receive help right away, you may not know what your role is in this process. The fact is that you are an integral part of the success, or the failure, that your loved one will face. In addition to finding a quality drug rehabilitation treatment program, you also need to provide continued support for the person’s recovery. If you are unsure how to do this, then finding a Recovery Coach who has undergone the proper Training, may help.

Understanding the Long-Term Problems

Even after your family member has completed the treatment, there are other consequences of addiction that may affect the remainder of your family for long periods of time. In some situations, addiction, no matter the type, can result in serious financial hardships. It can also create health issues that may have to be addressed for a number of months or years down the road.

Successfully Supporting Sobriety

One of the most important things that you should be aware of as a family member of a person in recovery is that your support is essential for that person to maintain their drug or alcohol free lifestyle. If you keep these substances around your house, it will be virtually impossible for the person to maintain their sobriety. In some cases this will involve you implementing your own lifestyle change, in order to support your loved one.

Finding the Right Type of Support

Just as the person recovering will need support, so will the family members and friends of the recovering person. There are a number of family support groups that can provide this service, ensuring that everyone is successful in the endeavor toward sobriety.

The Importance of Stress Reduction

Living with a person in recovery can be difficult and stressful. Those who are recovering will be much more susceptible to stress, which can create a situation of relapse. This is why it is crucial that you learn the proper way to reduce stress, which is another area where a recovery coach can be of assistance.

Keep in mind, while only one person may be in a recovery treatment program, it will take a whole support system to ensure they maintain their newly found sobriety. Enlisting the help of professionals, such as recovery coaches is often a great move for all those involved.

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