How a Chiropractor in the Loop will Treat Different Types of Pains

by | May 27, 2020 | Chiropractic

Frequent back and neck pains may cause discomfort, distress, or agony. Among people experiencing different forms of pain, most choose to visit a chiropractor. Research indicates that more than 22 million Americans seek chiropractic treatments annually. Out of these, 35 percent seek relief from back pains caused by accidents, muscle strains, sports injuries among other issues. Other key complaints include headaches, pain in the neck, arms, and legs. Chiropractors use hands-on spinal manipulations and other techniques to relieve the different forms of pain. Clinical studies show that spinal manipulative therapy performed by a qualified chiropractor along with exercises can help to relieve muscular pains more effectively than medication. Thus, it is advisable to visit a qualified Chiropractor in Loop when experiencing frequent pain in the back, neck, or joints.

During the initial visit to a chiropractor, the patient will complete a health questionnaire and provide information about their medical history. The chiropractor will then carry out a physical exam, which may include tests such as motion tests, reflex tests, orthopedic tests, and many more. They will also order an X-ray of the spine to examine the condition of the bony anatomy and soft tissues. Next, the chiropractor will determine the cause of the pain, and develop an appropriate treatment plan that will match well with the specific needs of the patient. The treatment plan may include a combination of spinal adjustments, physical therapy, and rehabilitative procedures for different musculoskeletal problems.

Adjustments are the central part of chiropractic treatments. The chiropractor will use their hands to adjust the body into different positions and apply pressure to specific points on the spine to ensure it is aligned properly. This produces a popping sound similar to the one produced when one cracks their knuckles. The sound is produced because of pressure changes in the joints when gas bubbles are released. By adjusting the spine, a chiropractor is able to unblock nerve energy and allow it to flow smoothly down the spine and through the whole body.

These are just some important details to know before visiting a qualified Chiropractor in Loop. Call Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers today to begin your journey to a pain-free life. We are passionate about listening to our clients and customizing their treatment plans and continuing their care.

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