Enjoy an Instant Lift and More Youthful Looking Skin After a Thread Lift

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Health

Thread lifts are growing in popularity. This is an injectable treatment that allows a person to experience some of the benefits that would come from a facelift but without the downtime and pain. If you are thinking about having a thread for face lift done, here are some of the benefits you could potentially enjoy.

After the threads are gently injected under your skin, you are going to enjoy an instant lift. As soon as you leave the clinic where the treatment is performed, you will notice that your complexion is lifted and tighter. Over time, the threads that were inserted under the skin will break down naturally.

After having a thread for a face lift performed, you can walk right out of the clinic. There’s no downtime with the treatment. If you were to have a surgical facelift performed, you would likely have to spend about a month recovering afterward. You can schedule this treatment during your lunch break and be back at work in the afternoon. Your workmates will wonder what you did in order to have such young-looking skin.

It is the growth of collagen that is experienced in the months after the threads are placed under the skin. The dissolvable threads naturally stimulate collagen production, which gives your complexion a more youthful and plumper look. In most cases, individuals can expect the results to last for about a year.

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