How Does the Dentist in Oyster Bay NY Repair Tooth Injuries?

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Dentist

Tooth injuries are common in sports activities or when a car accident occurs. If you have a tooth injury, the way you react to the situation is crucial for how well your tooth can be repaired. The sooner you get to the Dentist in Oyster Bay NY, the better the chances of your tooth being fully repaired. Through this information, you will know how each type of injury can be repaired, so you will know when you need to contact your dentist for treatment. Visit website for more details.

1. When your tooth becomes broken, your nerve can become exposed. This can cause severe pain that will continue to worsen. When your tooth breaks, try to save the broken piece and bring it with you. The dentist can repair the tooth, by grinding down any sharp edges and then filling the tooth with a special dental compound. This seals your tooth and enhances its strength, so your tooth is strong enough for chewing.

2. Cracks are common in teeth that are not strong. If your tooth is cracked, the dentist can seal the cracks with dental adhesive. Once the adhesive is placed into the cracks, the tooth is sanded down and smoothed, so it looks appealing. Sealing the cracks can help to prevent further damage, so you do not end up losing your tooth.

3. In the event you lose your tooth, it is important you keep it and place it in a cup of cool water or milk. Bring the tooth with you to the dentist, so it can be placed back in the socket. If for some reason your tooth cannot be saved, the dentist can replace it with a dental implant, so you do not have a gap in your smile.

If you experience a tooth injury, it is imperative you get to the Dentist in Oyster Bay NY as soon as possible. The dentist has many treatment options that can repair your tooth, so you do not experience further damage or loss. Contact Locust Valley Dental Group Oyster Bay, NY and schedule an appointment, so your tooth injury can be treated and repaired. They can provide you with the dental treatment you need, to keep your smile healthy.

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