Need Help? Consider a Flexible Drug Rehab Center in Newark, DE

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Health

Drug addiction is an indiscriminate affliction that affects people of all ages, lifestyles, occupations, and financial brackets. People with jobs, professions, college classes, family obligations, and hectic schedules often hesitate to get help because there is too much to lose. That junior in college will lose an excellent internship if he takes time off to enter a rehab center. The new executive who worked for decades to get up that corporate ladder cannot risk losing the position if she is gone for a month to six weeks.

Rehab Around Schedules

People with demanding schedules can still fully participate in a variety of flexible programs offered at a Drug Rehab Center in Newark DE. Confidential evaluations and assessments lead to treatment programs personalized to each client. A drug evaluation, biopsychosocial assessment, and laboratory drug screening are followed by individual treatment planning that may include individual and family therapy. One flexible option is called the intensive outpatient program (IOP).


Morning and evening sessions are available so people who work day or night shifts can attend. Features of this program include weekly treatment team updates, family and individual group sessions, twelve-step principles, and education regarding coping skills. Participation in narcotics anonymous (NA) is a requirement, participation in aftercare is strongly recommended, and relapse therapy is offered if needed. Addicts continue with work or school schedules while they work to become clean and sober.

Partial Hospital Program

This program available at the Drug Rehab Center in Newark DE is designed to encourage people on limited incomes to participate in treatment. The day program is operated similarly to a traditional rehab center except that the cost of overnight stays is eliminated. This makes personalized programs much more affordable. Twelve-step principles are used, therapy sessions and groups are offered throughout the day, and long-term aftercare programs are available to support those who have completed the program. Go to website to learn about all offered programs.

Alumni Association

The association is open to those who have finished one of the programs and have successfully remained clean. Members support each other and volunteer to speak to those currently participating in programs at events and sessions. This is an opportunity to provide hope and positive feedback to people beginning the journey to sobriety and to reinforce the success of your own journey.

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