Preparing for the Process of Undergoing Drug Rehabilitation in Minneapolis

by | Oct 7, 2019 | Health

When you have made the decision to get sober, you want to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the upcoming rehabilitation process. If you have never undergone this kind of care, you could wonder what lies ahead of you in the substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis.

Rather than check into the program without any kind of preparation, you can put your mind at ease now by learning about some of the treatment’s basics. This information could help you determine that the facility has your best interests at heart and can guide you toward sobriety.

Medical Attention

When you check into the substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis, you will be assigned a medical team who will attend to your physical well-being. Drug addicts often suffer from a host of physical ailments ranging from hepatitis to anemia. These illnesses can impact your chances of recovering successfully and tolerating the effects of withdrawal on your body.

As your body weans itself off the drugs in your system, you will go through moderate to severe withdrawals. Your medical team will be on hand to minimize your discomfort. They can prescribe medications like methadone that will make coming off the drugs easier for you.

Psychological Attention

During your treatment, you will also be assigned a psychological team who will attend to your mental and emotional needs. It is normal to feel anxious and even panicky about undergoing rehab. You could suffer from anxiety attacks, night terrors, and other symptoms that destabilize your mental and emotional health.

The team can prescribe anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants to ease your attacks and nightmares. The medications can make going through individual and group counseling easier for you.

You can find out more about substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis online. Contact Options Family & Behavior Services for more information.

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