Staying Clean and Sober With Help From a Substance Abuse Therapist in Shelby County AL

by | May 14, 2019 | Healthcare

Individuals who have become addicted to heroin are part of the nation’s opioid crisis. For some, heroin is their introduction to opiates. For others, it’s the street drug they turn to when they can no longer get a prescription for the medication they have come to rely on. A substance abuse therapist in Shelby County AL helps clients begin their recovery from this drug and learn how to prevent relapse.

Preventing Relapse: It’s Crucial

Preventing relapse is crucial in heroin addiction, more so than with many other substances. Even one dose of the drug can be fatal after the person has been avoiding using it. Sometimes this individual is unsure how much to inject, and in other cases, the drug is laced with another dangerous substance. Life-threatening and fatal overdoses in these situations have become tragically common.

Is Alcohol or Marijuana Safe to Use?

When talking with a substance abuse therapist in Shelby County AL, the patient may eventually admit the desire to use legal, or at least more acceptable, drugs on occasion. Would it be safe to drink alcohol now and then or to smoke marijuana? The answer from experts is a resounding no.

Sobriety is supportive for recovery, but intoxication is not. And recovery is a lifelong process. That’s why people who have long ago quit using substances they were addicted to often describe their current state as “in recovery” but not “recovered.”

Alcohol and other mind-altering substances are viewed as gateway drugs. Their intoxicating effects can lead to a craving for heroin, which may be what the person truly wants. Also, individuals who have been addicted to one substance tend to be prone to addiction to another one.

No Reason to Take the Risk

For all of these reasons, avoiding alcohol, marijuana and any other mind-altering chemicals is strongly encouraged. When it comes to someone in recovery, these substances have far more potential to cause harm than to provide any benefits. There is no point in taking this type of risk and no reason to try to prove something by doing so. Continuing to receive therapy at a center such as Kolbe Clinic helps the client stay on track. Website Domain for information.

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