Take Control of Your Emotional Health in 3 Simple Steps

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Health

Your emotional health (or mental health) is influenced by your degree of self-worth, quality of relationships, and ability to manage your emotions through difficult times. Simply put, emotional health is the state of your psychological well-being. One’s contentment in life, and sense of purpose, are direct reflections of emotional health, which is why it is so important to take control of your emotional health!

Talk to a Mental Health Counselor
*A mental health counselor focuses on the needs of an individual person, which is why it is so rewarding. You are able to discuss your unique problems or thoughts with someone who can provide tailored, professional feedback.

*Many people assume that counselors just ask you a few questions and sit back while you do the talking in order to “get things off your chest,” but in actuality, it is a two-way communication that enables you to learn, respond, and grow.

*Talking with someone about an issue is much more effective than reading about it because of the relational aspect (which forces you to focus and connect with another person) and the depth that can be achieved through talking.

Help Others on a Regular Basis
*Helping others is rewarding not only because of what you do for the other person, but because of how much they value you for your help. This improves your self-esteem.

*Meeting with others face-to-face is more beneficial for your emotional health compared to virtual interaction because of the physical aspect, such as the ability to provide a reassuring touch, and because communication is primarily a nonverbal interaction.

*As a means of helping others, consider volunteering or becoming involved in a community organization based on your interests. Helping others can also occur on a simpler level by thinking of people in your life day-to-day who could benefit from your advice or from some physical task.

Practice Good Nutrition and Exercise
*Start learning now about foods you eat and how they affect your energy level and mood. You would be surprised at how interconnected your physical health is with your emotional health!

*Get between 7-8 hours of sleep every night so that your mind stays clear and your concentration is sharp.

*Run, walk, swim, bike, or practice yoga to combat anxiety and keep stress low. Making simple exercise choices throughout the day also helps, such as using the stairs instead of elevator or taking a short walk on your lunch break.

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