Three Memory Care Services an Alzheimer’s Nursing Care Facility Provides

Finding out your loved one has been diagnosed with a memory loss condition is a difficult moment to experience. Memory loss conditions are lifelong. Once they are uncovered, the guarantee is that it is going to progress. Currently, you have many decisions to make. You are encouraged to help your loved enjoy the moments they remember and to make the rest of their days comfortable. Finding Alzheimer’s nursing care in Naples, FL, for example, is a step in the right direction.

Here are three memory care services a facility that specializes in Alzheimer’s nursing care might provide.

Personal Life Silhouettes

Once Alzheimer’s or dementia truly begin to set in, your loved one is going to have moments of clarity and moments of fog. To help patients maintain as much clarity as possible, personal life silhouettes are created. Mementos from that person’s life are gathered and set up in strategic places to help them remember who they are. It also helps them experience joy by seeing themselves during the happiest milestones of the life.


A patient who is experiencing memory loss is negatively impacted in many ways. For their safety, they are cared for around the clock. A facility will also take the time to create multi-sensory experiences that keep cognitive flexibility abilities as sharp as possible. Sight and sound senses are stimulated throughout the day for mind-building exercises.

Art Programs

Studies continue to show that art programs are wonderful for stress relief, psychological analysis and self-esteem. It is a great outlet for emotions while helping a person maintain focus for an extended period. Therefore, art programs are often offered at nursing care facilities to patients in hopes of giving them mental stimulation.

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