Would You Have Your Leg Pulled In St. Augustine Florida?

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Chiropractic

I like a joke as much as the next man and I can usually smile and join in the fun whenever I realise that the joke is on me and that someone is pulling my leg as it were. However, not so long ago; I had been driving around the country a lot on a mixture of business with a fair bit of vacation on side – whenever my business took me near golf courses and hiking trails (the three things that I live my life for). Anyway, I had driven several hours non-stop one evening and, by the time I pulled in to a motel in St Augustine; I had this tremendous pain sort of in the back of my knee and running down the front of my shin. I could hardly hobble from the car to reception; such was the pain in my leg.

They Never Take You Seriously
I must have looked bad because the guy at the desk asked me what was wrong. No sooner had I told him when he started on about my seeing someone down the road a bit to have my leg pulled. When I said that this was no joking matter; he turned serious and said that, what he meant was that I should see a local chiropractor. Then, I thought that he really was joking since the pain was in my leg not my back. I grinned wryly and hobbled off to bed.

This Really Wasn’t A Leg Pull
After a pain filled, sleepless night; I was getting desperate so I checked again at reception for directions to the place where they claimed that I could get Leg Pain treatment In St Augustine area. Yes, the place really was a chiropractors’ clinic; but, as soon as I had reported in; they informed me that they regularly help many people with problems like mine and that their Leg Pain Treatment In St Augustine is a matter of isolating the cause of my symptoms and treating the problem at its source rather than loading up my knee with chemicals or whatever. It might turn out to be that part of my knee joint is out of alignment; or it could be that there is a misalignment in my spine that is disrupting my nervous system causing the pain to come out in my knee.

Surprisingly, they gave me a free examination and confirmed that I did need some manipulation on my spine; but, for starters, they proposed some medical joint massage on my knee for immediate relief. I had the massage and made it back to the motel in an almost pain free state; spent the afternoon poolside and then got a good night’s sleep before returning for my first chiropractic session for Leg Pain Treatment In St Augustine. Today, I am driving home in reasonable comfort with an introduction to a chiropractor in my home town to finish my leg pain treatment that started in St Augustine.

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