Considering an AZ Massage Therapy School? 6 Reasons to Go for It

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Health

Are you considering enrolling in an AZ massage therapy school? Whether you plan to seek full-time employment or become self-employed, a career as a massage therapist can be extremely rewarding. Here are 6 reasons to go for it, if you’ve got what it takes.

1. A wide range of employment opportunities

Massage therapy is one of the most ancient, yet fastest growing, fields in healthcare. In other words, there are plenty of employment opportunities for graduates of an accredited AZ massage therapy school. There are a lot of places a qualified massage therapist can find work in, ranging from spas and resorts to doctor’s offices, hospitals or even malls. Not only is massage therapy an increasingly frequent fixture in physical rehabilitation programs, but companies have also started including it in the health and wellness packages they offer their employees.

2. The chance to become self-employed

Massage therapy is also a perfect fit for those keen to start working for themselves. You can start working as a freelancer or as a budding entrepreneur, out of an office or going mobile. However, before going into business on your own, make sure you’ve got the resilience and entrepreneurship skills needed to succeed.

3. Increased flexibility

Even though it requires a fair amount of dedication and commitment, working as a massage therapist will offer you much more flexibility than a nine-to-five job. Once you graduate from an AZ massage therapy school and get your license, you will be able to make your own work schedule or do massage therapy as a part-time job, alongside other professional pursuits.

4. Giving people a sense of well-being

When asked to name the main perk of their job, many massage therapists mention the chance to make an active contribution to people’s well-being. There is something inherently fulfilling about helping your patients find healing, relaxation and balance.

5. Developing long-lasting relationships

Beyond the satisfaction you will derive from making people feel better, working as a massage therapist affords great opportunities for meeting interesting people and networking. Cultivating long-lasting relations with key clients will make your job easier and much more pleasant.

6. Competitive wages

Whether you find employment at a spa or start working as a freelancer, even at starting level, you can make wages way above the national average, depending on the hours and effort you choose to put in.

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