Minimally Invasive Treatment for the Core Causes of Back Pain in Topeka, KS

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Health

Many who suffer from unrelenting back pain Topeka KS feel they have two options; they can continue to bear the pain, or they can submit to risky surgery with long, and often incomplete, recovery periods. Simply trying to ignore the pain without taking any measures to alleviate it can leave patients feeling defeated while the thought of undergoing surgery to no avail offers an equally grim outlook. Some find a bittersweet compromise in prescription medications to relax the affected muscles and ease the pain, but even this has its drawbacks.

Pharmaceuticals only serve to mask the source of discomfort without treating its cause. These chemical compounds can actually cause harm on their own by releasing toxins into the body. The risk of dependency also comes into play, as does the chance of becoming immune to these medications, leading to the continuous need for something stronger and potentially more dangerous. In the long run, the cost of multiple procedures and prescriptions can add up, leaving the patient with more debt than relief.

A multifaceted approach can provide pain relief without resorting to highly invasive procedures. Chiropractic treatment involves manually correcting joint misalignment through manipulation. Though this is widely used for alleviating Back Pain Topeka KS, the spine is often linked to issues in other areas of the body, including joint pain as well as disorders of the nerves, muscles and organs. Click here for more details.

In some cases, manipulation is only the beginning phase of treatment. Rehabilitative exercises may also be necessary for easing immediate pain and teaching proper movements to prevent future injuries. Through ultrasound guidance, practitioners can pinpoint inflammation, fluid buildup and other sources of pain. This type of imagery also aids in ensuring injections of medications, such as cortisone, are administered accurately for optimum relief.

The staff of the Center For Manual Medicine specialize in this type of treatment with great emphasis on minimally invasive techniques. They combine chiropractic care, rehabilitation strategies and ultrasound guided technology to locate, treat and prevent pain in the back, neck, arms and legs. By effectively treating pain at its source, those who practice this type of healing provide relief for patients without the need for potentially harmful surgeries or lifelong dependence on addictive medications.



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