State-of-the-Art Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities, Visit in Minneapolis

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Health

Substance abuse is the term usually used to refer to an individual using drugs or alcohol in a harmful or potentially hazardous way, often leading to a chemical dependency. The drugs in use can be illegal substances, but they can also be pharmaceutical or prescription drugs. Substance abuse can have a serious effect on the sufferer’s relationships, job, and financial situation. Families and partners can also suffer. If you think that you or someone you know and love is in need of substance abuse treatment, professional and confidential help is available in the Minneapolis area.

Treatments for Substance Abuse

Trained professionals in the treatment of substance abuse believe that a holistic approach to recovery is the most successful method of preventing relapse. They aim to provide abstinence-based treatment programs that empowers the individual to make healthy decisions about their life even once their program is over and they make the transition back to their communities and normal lives. Substance abuse treatment is often made up of group therapy sessions alongside individual counseling, educational lectures, and family therapy. Professional treatment for drug addiction delivered by experts in the field of addiction and mental health are usually education-based, to ensure the participants and their families are fully equipped with an understanding of what chemical dependency is, relapse triggers, and relapse warning signs. This helps not only those in recovery but also those around them to create a supportive environment that promotes healthy choices outside of the treatment center.

Depending on the needs of the person suffering from substance abuse, outpatient, and residential programs are available in Minneapolis. For some, it may be important that they can return home to their families and their communities each day, while others may prefer to live at a treatment center throughout the recovery process. To determine their needs, each participant is thoroughly assessed and evaluated regularly throughout their program.

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