Unexpected Benefits From Cosmetic Nose Surgery

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Cosmetic Surgery

Many people end up breaking or injuring their nose sometime in life. Some get punched or bumped while playing a rough sport like football or hockey. Others injure their nose when they fall on their face or are thrust forward in an automobile accident. Any of these nose injuries can make the nose look crooked. Another drawback from these types of injuries is the sleep deprivation that can occur when the nasal cartilage is too narrow for effective breathing through the nose. Over time, this nasal passageway can become even more narrow and constricts nasal breathing on at least one side of the nose. A Chicago Rhinoplasty Surgery expert has repaired the noses of many patients.

Some individuals do not like the shape or size of their nose. Larger noses are often hereditary with certain people groups more prone to this characteristic facial trait. More people today are willing to undergo rhinoplasty surgery to get a nose that they like. When a rhinoplasty is performed on someone that had an injury to their nose causing breathing obstruction, the surgery often opens up the constricted nasal passageway to allow easier breathing. Scores of individuals come to Chicago for Rhinoplasty Surgery by a revered plastic surgeon.

Lessening the sharp angles of a large sized nose can give the patient more confidence in their appearance. It is important to understand that there will be some healing time following the procedure. Many cosmetic surgery experts recommend that individuals repair their previously injured nasal cartilage to improve breathing especially during sleep. Most patients are happy with the results, and many individuals report feeling better and more rested as a nice added benefit. Prospective patients living near Chicago have a Rhinoplasty Surgery option at The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery. Log onto https://www.lakeshoreplasticsurgery.com. Call 312-202-9000.

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